When A Good Love Goes Awry

Chas Cochran - © 2003 BMI

I'll tell you brother,
Ain't no lie,
Nothing quite as bad as
When a good love goes awry...
I had a lady, she was so fine...
For all intents and purposes,
I thought she was mine.
Ain't it amazing,
How blind we can be...
Sometimes can't tell the forest for the trees...
I ain't too swift, I ain't too cool,
But I can tell you brother,
I ain't nobody's fool...
We had some good times,
You know it's true,
But that rosy-colored love,
Has turned a shade of blue..

You wake up in the night,
With a pain like you could die,
Pain so bad, could make a grown man cry...
She'll kick you in the shin,
Spit right in your eye,
You ask her 'What was that for?'
She won't tell you why,
I'll tell you brother, it ain't no lie,
When a good love goes awry...