Chas Cochran - © 2013 BMI

You can cook the meals and wash and sew your blouse,
There are always things to do around the house.
But one thing you won't find ironing shirts and pants..
Is romance...romance...

You can work and slave and struggle to succeed,
To buy all kinds of things you think you need.
But don't count on that big paycheck to advance,

It's an easy stroll of love,
Under starry skies above.
It's a quiet dinner set by candlelight.
More than this, it's a tender gentle kiss,
It's a warm embrace to guard against the night.

You can live a single life if you so choose,
And many do without a trace of blues.
But don't choose a life's companion just by chance,
Choose romance...romance.

It's a single yellow rose,
It's a silent look that shows,
That you fill the craving of a lonely heart.
A gentle touch...that says so very much...
It's the emptiness you feel when you're apart.

And though time has caused the flame to fade and dim...
There is still a glow of love in her or him...
You can turn your life into a ballroom dance,
With romance...romance