Big Old Freight Train

Chas Cochran - © 2003 BMI

I was sittin' there in the station,
Waitin' for my life to begin..
When slowly that station door opens,
And she comes floatin' in...
She was tall and oh, so lovely,
The clock stopped, that's no lie,
Ooh, I almost lost my breath,
As she went strollin' by...
My jaw must have been down on the floor,
I felt a weakness in my knees,
And when she turned and smiled my way,
Felt like a big old freight train, ran over me.

Face so pretty, hair so fine,
Eyes like stars above...
My heart inside goin' clickety-clack,
This boy's deep in love.
She looked at me and she batted those eyes,
She said 'Where you headed to?'
I stuttered as I forced out all the words -
'Union Station ...thank you!'
She said 'What a strange coincidence...
That's as sweet as it could be...
'Cause I'm going down to Chicago, too...'
Felt like a big old freight train, ran over me.

I could not think of what to say...
Just sat there with a stupid grin...
My imagination was taking me,
To places I'd never been.
Yes, the world was lookin' rosy,
How could I know, I would meet...
The loveliest creature in the wide whole, can be so sweet!

Just then the station door flew open,
In strolled a brute, big as he could be...
And when she ran and through her arms around him,
Felt like a big old freight train...ran over me.