Berry Tasty Sangria (another original recipe - added on 4/13/10)
- (1) Basic Wine Glass (it doesn't really matter, drink it in a plastic cup if you want...)
- Equal portions of Chablis and Glen's Blueberry Wine (see the Song Sample page)
- As many blueberries, strawberries and raspberries as the glass will hold
- Ice (I guess I should have said to leave room for ice...sorry...go back to the previous step. On second thought, drink a little so there's room for ice...then add ice)

The Wedgie (created and contributed by K.Z. from Statesboro, Georgia )
(1) Large Highball Glass with Ice
(1) to (1-1/2) Shots of Vodka (how strong do you like it?)
(1) Fresh Wedge of Lime (or dash of lime juice)
Fill the glass with Fresca

SLOE BLUES (an original recipe by Chas...)
Schwepps Bitter Lemon - 'Cuz life can be bitter
(2) Shots - Gin - Eases the pain
(1) Shot - Blue Curacoa - 'Cuz this is the blues...
(2) Shots - Passoa - Play it with passion
(3) Drops - Sloe Gin - 'Cuz a good slow blues can bring you to tears...
Mix it anyway you like...everybody plays the blues their own way...

Muddy Waters (an original recipe by Chas...)
(2) Shots - Gin
(1) Shot - Southern Comfort
(2) Shots - Blue Curacoa
(1) Shot - Sloe Gin
Orange Juice

Harp Attack (an original recipe by Chas...)
(2) Shots - Cherry Liquer
(2) Shots - Tequila
Grapefruit Soda
(Children's Version - Use half the Tequila.  Hah Hah, just kidding... "Bypass" the Tequila, substitute Cherry Juice... Get it?... "Bypass", Harp Attack...nevermind...)

(I have no idea what's in it.  You gotta ask Amy from Silky Sullivans on Beale St. in Memphis - but it's worth it...  She had no name for it, so we called it an "Amy").

A Glass Of Wine
-(1) Glass
-(1) Portion Wine (I would recommend Merlot)

Southern Discomfort (...another Chas specialty...I'm sipping one right now...)
-(1) Portion - Southern Comfort
-(3) Portions - Grapefruit Juice (freshly squeezed from Brazilian Grapefruit (hey, it's my recipe, I can say whatever I want...substitute at your own risk...)
-(1) Splash - Sloe Gin - Adds some color and enhances the taste...

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